A little story of Design

I always loved drawing, painting and several arts. when I was very young I was sure I wanted to dedícate my life and my effort to arts and crafts. I passed some stages, meeting different techniques of painting over different surfaces, I tried painting over glass, ceramic, paper, oil painting, watercolor, ink, colored pencils, graphite pencils, drawing..I also love to cook and knit.
Finally I found that my favorite subject was drawing, specially with ink technique, graphite and colored pencils, and I wanted to apply all my experience and creativity making homes and their residents feel happy,
Then I found Etsy and I thought this could be a good way to connect with people and bring to everybody art and design.
You could find in this shop physical and digital Wall art, some of them are watercolors, other colored pencil drawings, ink line sketch drawings, and other are digital design.
Every print is designed for very different home styles or room: Minimal decor, you Will find it in black and White prints section, farmhouse decor, contemporary decor in abstract section, rustic, nordic, scandinavian, Nursery and Waldorf decor.
I'm completely in love with Nature which is my biggest inspiration, I specially love botanical themes, sea shells and birds.

Hope you enjoy it!

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